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Table 2 Numeric abbreviations for plasmid replication origins in BioBrick vector nomenclature.

From: Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts

Number Replication origin Copy number Purpose
1 modified pMB1 derived from pUC19 500–700 Easy plasmid DNA purification
2 F and P1 lytic derived from pSCANS-1-BNL [67] 1–2 inducible to high copy Inducible copy number
3 p15A derived from pMR101 10–12 Multi-plasmid engineered systems
4 rep101, repA derived from pSC101 5 Small cell to cell copy number variation
5 derived from F plasmid 1–2 Improved plasmid stability
6 pMB1 derived from pBR322 15–20 Multi-plasmid engineered systems
  1. BioBrick vector names take the form pSB#X#. The first number indicates the identity of the origin of replication. The number, corresponding replication origin, expected plasmid copy number and typical purpose of that origin are listed [38]. To expand the list to include additional replication origins, document additions at the Registry of Standard Biological Parts [66].