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Table 3 Letter abbreviations for antibiotic resistance markers in BioBrick vector nomenclature.

From: Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts

Code Antibiotic
A ampicillin
C chloramphenicol
E erythromycin
G gentamycin
K kanamycin
N neomycin
Na nalidixic acid
R rifampicin
S spectinomycin
St streptomycin
T tetracycline
Tm trimethoprim
Z zeocin
  1. BioBrick vector names take the form pSB#X#. The letter X indicates the antibiotic to which the vector confers resistance. The letter code and corresponding antibiotic resistance marker are listed. The absence of a letter indicates that no antibiotic is present. Multiple resistance markers in a vector are indicated by successive codes in alphabetical order e.g., AK, StT, AC and AKT. To expand the list to include additional antibiotic resistance markers, document additions at the Registry of Standard Biological Parts [66].