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Table 4 Numeric abbreviations for vector version number in BioBrick vector nomenclature.

From: Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts

Number Key features Purpose Example Designer
0 absent or incomplete BioBrick cloning site   pSB2K0 Brookhaven National Lab
1 complete BioBrick cloning site (BCS) assembly of BioBrick parts pSB4A1 Reshma Shetty
2 5' terminator and BCS transcriptional insulation of vector upstream of cloned BioBrick part pSB1A2 Tom Knight
3 5' terminator and BCS and 3' terminator transcriptional insulation of vector downstream of cloned BioBrick part pSB1AC3 Reshma Shetty & Tom Knight
4 pSB2K3-derived vector free of many restriction sites Genome refactoring [68] pSB2K4 Leon Chan
5 constructed from BioBrick base vector standardized BioBrick vector design pSB4K5 Reshma Shetty
6 Reserved - - -
7 BCS flanked by terminator BBa_B0015 transcriptional insulation of cloned BioBrick part pSB1A7 Karmella Haynes
8 Unassigned - - -
9 Unassigned - - -
10 Screening plasmid v1.0 [69] characterization of single input, single output transcriptional devices pSB1A10 Josh Michener & Jason Kelly
  1. BioBrick vector names take the form pSB#X#. The second number indicates the BioBrick vector version number. The version number, key features, purpose for which that version was designed, example vector, and vector designer(s) are listed. To expand the list to include new vector version numbers, document additions at the Registry of Standard Biological Parts [66].