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Table 1 Proposed split genes for solving increasingly larger Hamiltonian Path Problems

From: Solving a Hamiltonian Path Problem with a bacterial computer

Directed Graph Split Genes
3 nodes GFP, RFP
4 nodes GFP, RFP, β-Gal
5 nodes GFP, RFP, β-Gal, Chl
6 nodes GFP, RFP, β-Gal, Chl, Kan
7 nodes GFP, RFP, β-Gal, Chl, Kan, Eryth
N nodes N-1 Split Genes
  1. Split genes that would be needed to program a bacterial computer to find the Hamiltonian path in a directed graph with the number of nodes indicated are listed. The 3 node proposed was successfully implemented in the current study. GFP = green fluorescent protein gene, RFP = red fluorescent protein gene, β-Gal = β-galactosidase gene, Chl = chloramphenicol resistance gene, Kan = kanamycin resistance gene, Eryth = erythromycin resistance gene.