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Figure 3

From: TinkerCell: modular CAD tool for synthetic biology

Figure 3

Graphical output from C/Python programs. Shown here are the outputs from two functions written in Python and C, respectively. The screenshot in (a) shows the output from a Python script that converts TinkerCell models into PySCeS [25] models and uses PySCeS to compute the control coefficients. The script adjusts the line widths and colors in the visual model accordingly. Negative control coefficients are colored red and positive ones are colored blue. The screenshot in (b) is the output from the flux balance analysis function in TinkerCell. The function is a C program that gets the stoichiometry matrix and constraints from TinkerCell and uses LPSolve C library [36] for linear programming. The program then sets the line widths of the reactions in the visual model according to the output from LPSolve.

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