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Table 1 Summary of plasmids and parts used for the construction of BglBrick vector

From: BglBrick vectors and datasheets: A synthetic biology platform for gene expression

Plasmid/Part Name Component function Reference
pZA31-luc Cm [44]
  T0 of phage lambda  
  p15A origin  
pZE12-luc Amp [44]
  ColE1 origin  
pZE21-MCS1 Kan [44]
pZS*24-MCS1 pSC101* [44]
pZB Tet repressor [29]
  Tet promoter  
pET-29b(+) T7 promoter Novagen
pTrc99A Ptrc Pharmacia
pBAD33 PBAD [32]
pPro24 pPro(E) [30]
pPro29b pPro(S) [31]
BBa_E1010 rfp [26]
BBa_B0015 double terminator [27]
pAM45 PlacUV5 [28]
pMBIS pBBR1 origin [6]
pBMOE1 gfp without BamHI site J. Dietrich, unpublished