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Table 2 Observed changes in relative peak absorbance values with corresponding biomolecules

From: Detection and quantification of poliovirus infection using FTIR spectroscopy and cell culture

Peak wavenumber (cm-1) Corresponding biomolecules Observed changes in cell absorbance following PV1 infection relative to uninfected control cells
700 (Broad) cis-C-H out-of-plane bend General increase
835 - 840 C2' endo/anti (B-form helix) conformation and left handed helix DNA (Z form) Gradual increase corresponding to increased PV1 titer
900 - 1350 Phosphodiester stretching bands (from absorbance due to collagen and glycogen) Decrease; trend is less clear at higher PV1 titers
1040 - 100 Symmetric stretching vibration PO2 due to RNA and DNA General increase
1079/80 Symmetric phosphate stretching modes or ν(PO2 −) symmetric. Phosphate stretching modes originate from the phosphodiester groups in nucleic acids. Sharp increase in BGMK cells infected with 101 PFU/ml titer followed by a decrease in the 102 PFU/ml infected cells then a gradual height incremental with the higher titers.
1153 Stretching vibrations of hydrogen bonding
C-OH groups
Virus titer 102 PFU/ml shows a decrease
1236/7 Amide III, stretching PO2−asymmetric (phosphate I) Decrease in the peak height for the cells infected with 102 and 103 PFU/ml; higher titers shown an increase
1312-1317 Collagen related, amide III band components of proteins General increase
1455/6 Asymmetric CH3 bending modes of the methyl groups of proteins General decrease
2852, 2873, 2924/5, 2956 Lipids region (CH2 symmetric, symmetric stretching vibration of CH3 of acyl chains, stretching C-H and asymmetric stretching vibration of CH3 of acyl chains respectively) Decrease for infection titers 102 - 103 PFU/ml
3084 Stretching N-H symmetric General increase
3293 OH stretching (associated) General increase; increase gradually less from 101 - 106 PFU/ml titers