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Figure 5

From: Droplet centrifugation, droplet DNA extraction, and rapid droplet thermocycling for simpler and faster PCR assay using wire-guided manipulations

Figure 5

A1-A8) Rapid DNA extraction of concentrated sample. A1-A8) DNA extraction snapshots. B1) Concentrated sample of E. coli from droplet centrifugation step. B2) Nuclei lysis solution is added, mixed, and heated in lysis chamber at 80°C for 5 min. B3) Isopropanol (IPA) is added to lysed sample to precipitate DNA, which adheres to the pipette tip. B4) After drying from isopropanol, the DNA-saturated pipette tip is washed in ethanol and dried. B5) The DNA is resuspended in hydration solution. B6) The DNA solution is prepared for rapid-PCR thermocycling.

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