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Figure 6

From: Droplet centrifugation, droplet DNA extraction, and rapid droplet thermocycling for simpler and faster PCR assay using wire-guided manipulations

Figure 6

Rapid droplet thermocycling. A1-A3) Rapid droplet thermocycler executes 30 cycles in 10 min with ~1500 bp sequence through forced convective heat transfer under silicone oil submersion. B) Gel electrophoresis results for sample undergoing droplet centrifugation, DNA extraction, amplification, and rapid-PCR, all with wire-guided droplet manipulations. Lane 1 shows positive control of DNA extracted with culture media and lane 2 shows positive control of DNA extracted without culture media. Since culture media does not interfere with DNA extraction, lane 3 shows droplet with centrifugation and lane 4 shows droplet without centrifugation, demonstrating an increase in signal intensity of the PCR band through effective sample concentration by wire-guided droplet centrifugation.

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