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Table 1 Favorite or most useful biological parts from publicly available registries

From: A survey of enabling technologies in synthetic biology

ID Category N Description
25712:pAKTaq Plasmid 1 Bacterial expression vector encoding the DNA polymerase from Thermus aquaticus
Coli Genetic Stock Center    
CGSC #12119 Chassis 1 E. coli strain BW27783 bearing 9 known mutations
iGEM Registry    
BBa_J23100 series Regulatory 8 BBa_J23100 through BBa_J23119 is a family of constitutive promoter parts that can be used to tune the expression level of constitutively expressed parts
BBa_B0034 RBS 4 RBS based on Elowitz & Liebler repressilator
BBa_B0015 Terminator 1 Double terminator including BBa_B0010 and BBa_B0012
BBa_C0062 Coding 1 luxR repressor/activator
BBa_E2050 Coding 1 derivative of mRFP1, yeast-optimized
BBa_F2620 Signaling 1 A signaling device whereby the input is 3OC6HSL and the output is PoPS from a LuxR-regulated operator
BBa_I15010 Coding 1 Chimeric Cph1 light receptor/EnvZ protein
BBa_I744210 Generator 1 TetR regulated LuxN-Tsr Chimeric Receptor B
BBa_J04450 Reporter 1 RFP coding device
BBa_J15001 RBS 1 strong synthetic E. coli RBS with SacI site
BBa_J153000 Plasmid Backbone 1 broad-host-range shuttle vector pPMQAK1 that provides ampicillin and kanamycin/neomycin resistance
BBa_J176005 Protein Domain 1 Codon optimized mCherry red fluorescent protein
BBa_J176006 Coding 1 Mammalian venus fluorescent protein
BBa_J176022 Protein Domain 1 Human codon-optimized AmCyan1 from pAmCyan1-C1
BBa_J33207 Reporter 1 lac promoter and lacZ
BBa_J61009 Plasmid 1 pAC-LuxGFP that places GFP under the wildtype Vibrio lux device
BBa_J64032 Device 1 pCASP SPI-1 Secretion Circuit
BBa_J85226 Composite 1 Kanamycin resistance (KanR)_off version of J85224
BBa_J176027 Regulatory 1 Constitutive cytomegalovirus promoter
BBa_J176122 Plasmid Backbone 1 pcDNA3.1 plus puromycin resistance
BBa_K566002 Regulatory 1 Biphasic switch
BBa_P1010 Generator 1 ccdB cell death gene
BBa_R0040 Regulatory 1 TetR repressible promoter