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Table 2 Additional physical assembly methods identified by survey participants

From: A survey of enabling technologies in synthetic biology

Physical Assembly Method N
  Proprietary method, not specified 3
  GeneArt Seamless Assembly 2
  GeneArt High Order Assembly 1
  Clontech In-Fusion HD cloning kit 1
  Ginkgo assembly method 1
  Invitrogen TOPO cloning 1
  Conventional PCR [10, 11] 10
  Yeast in vivo recombinational cloning [12] 5
  Home-brew method, not specified 4
  Restriction-site Associated DNA (RAD) assembly [13] 2
  Anderson 2 antibiotic (2ab) assembly [14] 1
  Inverse PCR [15] 1
  Splicing by Overlap Extension (SOE) [16] 1
In development  
  A new enzymatic, scarless synthesis and assembly technology 1
  Extensions of BioBytes assembly standard [17] 1