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Table 1 Plasmids constructed for this work

From: Chemical lysis of cyanobacteria

Plasmid Backbone::insert
pKM011 pET21b::cpL1
pKM012 pY71X::cpL1
pKM013 pET21b::cpL2
pKM014 pY71X::cpL2
pKM015 pET21b::cpL3
pKM016 pY71X::cpL3
pKM024 pET21b::strepII-GSA-cpL1
pKM025 pET21b::cpL1-GSA-strepII
  1. The lysozyme gene used in this study was “cyanophage lysozyme 1” (cpL1; sequence provided in Additional file 1). Two other genes, cpL2 and cpL3, were also cloned, but did not express solubly in E. coli. The genes were cloned into either the pET21b vector for in vivo expression or the pY71X vector for cell-free expression (data not shown)