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Table 1 Biodiesel yield (%) from palm and Jatropha oil after 24 h transesterification with enzymatic catalysts

From: Lipase-catalyzed biodiesel production and quality with Jatropha curcas oil: exploring its potential for Central America

Catalyst Oil Biodiesel yield
% ± S.D.
NaOH Jatropha 90.0 ± 2.6a
Palm 92.3 ± 1.5a
TL Jatropha 80.7 ± 2.5b
Palm 85.6 ± 4.0b
CA Jatropha 66.8 ± 0.5c
Palm 61.6 ± 0.9c
C.V. (%) 2.8
  1. Data are from transesterified oils (Jatropha and palm) with alkaline (NaOH) and enzymatic (TL and CA) catalysts. Means with different superscript letters (a, b, c) on the same column are significantly different (LSD test, P < 0.05). % C.V. percent coefficient of variation