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Table 3 Details of the top10 lycopene reporter

From: A novel approach for metabolic pathway optimization: Oligo-linker mediated assembly (OLMA) method

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Yield
Order RBS for crtE RBS for crtI RBS for crtB RBS for idi crtE crtI crtB
pLY116 BIE E3_(1813) I6_(1137) B8_(2059) id12_(3867) PanE PanI PanB 15.17
pLY111 BEI E13_(13670) I6_(1137) B1_(5557) id16_(135699) PanE PanI PanB 14.69
pLY108 EBI E9_(6689) I4_(1630) B13_(51518) id3_(5078) PvaE PanI PanB 13.86
pLY101 BEI E3-(1813) I10_(3562) B2_(1147) id15_(115818) RspE PanI PanB 12.81
pLY106 EBI E9_(6689) I10_(3562) B2_(1147) id6_(4010) PvaE PanI PanB 12.53
pLY112 BEI E16_(13174) I6_(1137) B11_(25607) id14_(31121) PvaE PanI RspB 12.39
pLY107 EBI E9_(6689) I6_(1137) B14_(46327) id15_(115818) PvaE PagI PanB 12.07
pLY103 BIE E14_(5844) I15_(28086) B8_(2059) id14_(31121) RspE PanI PanB 11.69
pLY109 EIB E3_(1813) I6_(1137) B4_(3088) id1_(10974) PanE PanI RspB 11.33
pLY102 BEI E2_(2472) I11_(340) B8_(2059) id12_(3867) RspE PanI PanB 11.29
Control EIB (17707) (10318) (10793) (31786) PanE PanI PanB 5.54
  1. *The numbers with in the parenthese are the theoretical strength of each gene acquired by RBS calculator. The RBS sequences of crtEBI and idi of the Control strain are all “aaggagatata”