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Table 1 Course schedule

From: Design and integration of a problem-based biofabrication course into an undergraduate biomedical engineering curriculum

Lab 1 (3 weeks) Biocompatibility Test the effect of different types of commonly used chemical compounds in 3D printers on cell viability
Lab 2 (3 weeks) Lentiviral Transduction Learn standard methods for delivering genes to cell lines and assessing transduction efficiency
Lab 3 (3 weeks) 3D Cell Culture in Hydrogel Scaffold Culture muscle cells in 3D hydrogel scaffolds and quantify cellular adhesion, morphology, proliferation, and differentiation in 3D
Lab 4 (3 weeks) Build a Walker Bio-Bot 3D print walking bio-bot powered by tissue engineered skeletal muscle and compute muscle force generation and bio-bot speed
Final Project (3 weeks) Design and Build Your Own Bio-Bot Design and build muscle-powered bio-bot to achieve a functional behavior relevant to an application in biomedical engineering