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Table 1 Some current commercially available bio-engineered skin substitutes

From: Immunological challenges associated with artificial skin grafts: available solutions and stem cells in future design of synthetic skin

Type Brand Components Indication Permanent Cover References
Scaffold Material Scaffold Source Cell Component Cell Source
Epidermal Substitutes Bioseed® Fibrin sealant Allogeneic Keratinocytes (cultured) Autologous Wound treatment Yes [158, 159]
Laserskin® Benzyl-esterified Hyaluronan derivative Recombinant Keratinocytes / Fibroblasts (cultured) Autologous/
Regeneration and skin resurfacing for Burn wounds & Chronic full thickness ulcers Yes [161, 165, 167]
MySkin™ Silicone layer Synthetic Keratinocytes (cultured) Autologous Neuropathic, pressure & Diabetic foot ulcers Yes [11, 184]
Dermal/Epidermal Substitutes Apligraf® Type I Collagen Bovine Keratinocytes and fibroblasts (cultured) Allogeneic Partial & Full thickness burns, chronic wounds, Leg & Foot ulcers No [6, 11, 101, 120]
OrCel™ Type I Collagen sponge Bovine Keratinocytes and fibroblasts (cultured) Allogeneic Healing of autograft donor sites, Reconstruction of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa No [6, 11, 101]
EZ Derm® Aldehyde-cross linked Collagen Porcine    Dressing for partial thickness burns No [11, 120, 145]
PolyActive Polyethylene oxide terephthalate & Polybutylene terephthalate (PEO/PBT) Synthetic Keratinocytes and fibroblasts (cultured) Autologous Dressing for partial thickness wounds No [11, 183]
GammaGraft™ Cryopreserved Collagen Cadaveric & Allogeneic    Skin graft for burns,
chronic wounds
No [100]
MyDerm™ Fibrin Autologous Keratinocytes and fibroblasts (cultured) Autologous Coverage of full thickness skin loss Yes [116] [152, 157]
Dermal Substitutes Integra® Type I Collagen & Chondroitin-6- Sulfate Bovine    Partial and full thickness wound, burns, Chronic ulcers No (Semi) [6, 11, 101, 120, 121]
PriMatrix® Type I and III Collagen Bovine    Coverage of complex wounds Yes [99, 126, 127]
Alloderm® Lyophilized Collagen Cadaveric & Allogeneic    Resurfacing of full thickness burn wounds & Wound cover Yes [100, 101, 120]
Oasis® Type I, III and V Collagen Porcine    Wound covering Yes [6, 99, 120]
GraftJacket® Cryopreserved Collagen Cadaveric & Allogeneic    Various wound repair Yes [100]
Permacol® Collagen and Elastin Porcine    Skin dressing Yes [99, 121]
MatriDerm® Type I Collagen & Elastin Bovine    Regeneration of full thickness burn & chronic wounds Yes [6, 99]
Trancyte® Type I Collagen, Nylon mesh, Silicon film Porcine & Synthetic Neonatal fibroblasts (cultured) Allogeneic Wound dressing for partial thickness burns Yes [11, 121, 144]
Biobrane® Type I Collagen, Nylon filament, Silicon film Porcine & Synthetic    Regeneration & Wound dressing for Partial & Full thickness wounds and Chronic ulcers Yes [6, 144, 230]
Dermagraft® Polyglycolic acid/Poly(lactic acid) (PGA/PLA) & ECM Synthetic & Allogeneic Neonatal fibroblasts (cultured) Allogeneic Covering for Burns & Chronic wounds & Chronic diabetic foot ulcers Yes [6, 11, 127, 182]
Hyalograft 3D Hyaluronan Allogeneic Fibroblasts (cultured) Autologous Deep burns & Foot ulcer treatment Yes [11, 169]
Hyalomatrix® Hyaluronan (HYAFF) on silicone layer Allogeneic & Synthetic    Wound regeneration in deep burns & chronic wounds No (Semi) [6, 11, 164]
TissueMend™ Collagen Allogeneic    Tissue remodeling for tendon and ligament repair Yes [128, 129]