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Table 1 Comparison of methods used to study effect of UV irradiation induced oxidative stress

From: Label-free electrochemical sensor to investigate the effect of tocopherol on generation of superoxide ions following UV irradiation

  MTT assay Fluorescent assay Electrochemical detection
Labeling Yes Yes No
Real time NO NO Yes
Sample consumption Large Large Small
Assay time 24–72 h 1-2 h Within minutes
Overall comparison Alive cell catalyse enzyme to indirectly characterize cell growth.
Evaluate the overall effect of treatment on cell survival, growth.
Fluorophore probe is used to label target molecules.
Not feasibly for real-time characterizing a reaction.
Staining process will affect the health of cells.
In site characterize a reaction.
No damage to cells.
Fast reaction time allows for high throughput screening.
No expensive equipment is involved.