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Table 3 Radiation exposures and doses found in the literature

From: The effects of low-dose radiation on articular cartilage: a review

Exposure Typical Total Dose Type of Radiation
Hand, foot, dental x-ray imaging 0.001–0.01 mSv x-ray [53,54,55,56]
Mammography 0.4 mSv x-ray [53,54,55,56]
Computed Tomography (CT) 2–30 mSv x-ray [53,54,55,56]
6-month stay on ISS station 80 mSv Solar particles, cosmic rays [53,54,55,56]
6-month trip to Mars 250 mSv cosmic rays [53,54,55,56]
Highest dose received by Fukushima emergency worker 670 mSv alpha, beta, and gamma [56]
Fractionated radiotherapy dose 1-2Sv x-ray or gamma [56]
Total radiotherapy dose 60 Gy x-ray or gamma [56]
Radiosurgery 60–80 Gy x-ray or gamma [56]
Radiation for sterilization 25 kGy Gamma [31]