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Table 3 Desirable features for biomaterials

From: Tissue engineering strategies for the induction of angiogenesis using biomaterials

Characteristics Index
Biocompatibility Rejection, Inflammation, Immune responses
3D template To attach cells and guide growth
High surface area Initial cell number for plating, Cell and surface interaction, Cell growth and proliferation, and cell ability to access oxygen and nutrients
Degradable Match the rate of tissue regeneration to maintain tissue functionality
Mechanical stretching Consistency against to biological forces
Enrichment with growth factors cocktail Support the cells in synthesizing tissue-specific extracellular matrix components and growth factors required for healthy tissue growth
Stability To prevent cell cytotoxicity without alteration in physical values
Serve as a barrier To elicit a barrier between luminal and body cavity
Support the induction of vascular structure Muscle tissue regeneration in aligned pattern to promote appropriate innervation and vascularization