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Table 1 An overview of reported nanomaterial-based electrochemical methods for the determination of lncRNAs

From: PAMAM/polyhedral nanogold-modified probes with DNAase catalysis for the amperometric electrochemical detection of metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1

Method applied Analyte detection Materials used LOD References
DPV MEG3 Fe3O4@C biocomposite 0.25 fM [33]
ECL HULC Au@Ag/GQDs complex 0.3 fM [34]
DPV HULC PtPd BND/BNF@GO 0.25 fM [35]
DPV NEAT1 Au/Rh-HNP@SWCNT 0.89 fM [6]
Fluorescent or electrochemical SChLAP1 DNA-templated CuNBs 500 fM/100 fM [36]
Amperometric MALAT1 SA-Dynabeads/TMB 10 cells/mL [37]
DPV MALAT1 PNG/PAMAM/Hemin 0.22 fM This work