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Table 1 Various NOT gate constructs from wild type (W), frame-shifted (Fs) and truncated versions (T) of cI gene (cI)

From: A frame-shifted gene, which rescued its function by non-natural start codons and its application in constructing synthetic gene circuits

Constructs Nature of cI Ori for PLtetO-1-cI Ori for PR-EGFP
Fs1 frame-shifted cI pUC pUC
Fs2 frame-shifted cI pUC p15A
Fs3 frame-shifted cI p15A pUC
Fs4 frame-shifted cI ColE1 ColE1
Fs5 frame-shifted cI ColE1 p15A
Fs6 frame-shifted cI p15A ColE1
Fs7 frame-shifted cI p15A p15A
W1 wild type cI pUC pUC
W2 wild type cI pUC p15A
W3 wild type cI p15A pUC
W4 wild type cI ColE1 ColE1
W5 wild type cI ColE1 p15A
W6 wild type cI p15A ColE1
W7 wild type cI p15A p15A
T1 TruncatedcI(T1a/cI-G, starting from glycine) pUC p15A
T2 TruncatedcI(T2a/ cI-T3, starting from threonine 3) pUC p15A
T3 TruncatedcI(T3a/ cI-K4, starting from lysine 4) pUC p15A
T4 TruncatedcI(T4a/ cI-K5, starting from lysine 5) pUC p15A
T5 Truncated cI(T5a/ cI-K6, starting from lysine 6) pUC p15A
T6 TruncatedcI(T6a/ cI-L8, starting from leucine 8) pUC p15A
T7 TruncatedcI(T7a/ cI-T9, starting from threonine 9) pUC p15A
T8 TruncatedcI(T8a/ cI-E11, starting from glutamate 11) pUC p15A
T9 TruncatedcI(T9a/ cI-M41, starting from methionine 41) pUC p15A
  1. aThe non-natural start codons and their positions are shown in Fig. 3