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Table 5 Commercially available hydrogel wound dressing contains cellulose or its sodium salt. Most dressings are available in two forms, either as sheets or as amorphous gels. Products containing silver ions show antimicrobial property

From: Functional cellulose-based hydrogels as extracellular matrices for tissue engineering

The hydrogel wound dressing (producer) Composition References
IntraSite™ Gel (Smith and Nephew) Carboxymethycellulose sodium (CMCNa), propylene glycol and water  
GranuGel™ (ConvaTec) Carboxymethycellulose sodium (CMCNa), Propylene glycol, pectin and water [181], [182]
Purilon Gel™ (ColoPlast) Carboxymethycellulose (CMC), calcium alginate and water  
Aquacel Ag™ (ConvaTec) Carboxymethycellulose sodium (CMCNa) and silver ions (1.2%)  
Silvercel™ (Johnson and Johnson) Carboxymethycellulose (CMC), silver ions (8%) and calcium alginate