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Table 1 Possible ranges of parameter values we used in our models

From: Computational analysis of viable parameter regions in models of synthetic biological systems

Transcription10−2 - 50h−1
Translation10−2 - 50h−1
Protein production10−1 - 50h−1
Protein degradation10−3 - 50h−1
mRNA degradation10−1 - 100h−1
Dissociation constant10−2 - 250nM
Michaelis constant10−2 - 250nM
Protease concentration10 - 1000nM
Dilution rate0.6h−1
Hill coefficient1 - 5-
Reaction volume (VR·NA)1nM−1
  1. Values obtained from [40, 45, 46] are a rough estimate of real kinetic rates for prokaryotes and eukaryotes combined. Nevertheless, we excluded the possibility of some extreme cases, like extremely long-lived or unstable proteins. VR describes reaction space volume and NA Avogadro constant.