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Table 1 Characteristics of Sf-21 and High Five™ cell growth and baculovirus virus and H7N9 TW-VLP production in a 300-mL shake flask

From: Process development for pandemic influenza VLP vaccine production using a baculovirus expression system

Cell line Sf-21 cell High Five™ cell
Medium Sf-900™ II SFM Express Five® SFM
Seeding cell density (cells/mL) 2.0 × 105 2.0 × 105
Cell doubling time (hour)a 33.3 18.3
Harvested cell density (cells/mL) 1.5 × 106 3.3 × 106
Fold increase of cell density 7.4 15.3
Baculovirus virus (virion/mL)b 1.0 × 108 3.1 × 106
HA titer (HAU/50 μL) 64 512
  1. aThe cell doubling time was calculated using the following formula: DT = time (T) x ln2/ln (Xe/Xb), where T is the incubation time in any units, Xb is the cell number at the beginning of the incubation period, and Xe is the cell number at the end of the incubation period
  2. bThe baculovirus titer (virion/mL) was calculated using the TCID50 method