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Table 2 Further point mutation of Van2 biosensor

From: Directed evolution of the PcaV allosteric transcription factor to generate a biosensor for aromatic aldehydes

aTFAmino acid position*Mutated amino acidUninduced GFP/ODMax/Min (2.5 mM induction)
VanillinPCAVanillic acid
Van2V110; S113; A114X199.4 ±
Van3A110; S113; A114Nonpolar small side chain2280.6 ± 131.21.700.971.03
Van4L110; S113; A114Nonpolar medium side chain2748.7 ± 114.01.550.971.00
Van5W110; S113; A114Nonpolar bulky side chain3339.0 ± 249.31.401.031.03
Van6V110; W113; A114Nonpolar bulky side chain3047.5 ± 175.91.451.000.97
  1. *Mutated amino acid positions highlighted in bold