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Table 3 The length and height of the lines and the area under the curves for the (a) Large diameter and (b) Small diameters of the cell in nm. (c) The corresponding folding factor of the lines on the diameters and average folding factor for HN-5 cells

From: The head and neck cancer (HN-5) cell line properties extraction by AFM

(a) Large diameter
 Rms (Rq)15.4316.43915.87314.98713.30115.206
 Developed length442.13460.38461.19453.87430.73449.66
 Positive Area under curve11,196.110,730.511,078.610,166.49234.610,481.2
(b) Small diameter
 Rms (Rq)15.57213.5499.90810.68711.33912.211
 Developed length253.93233.13234.12235.23238.09238.9
 Positive Area under curve6450.965696620.56232.557216318.78
(c) Folding - classic method
 φ = ((Developed length a) × (Developed length b)) / ((length a) × (length b))