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Table 2 Comparison between the standard fed-batch MTP and the fed-batch MTP that was developed in this study

From: Optimized polymer-based glucose release in microtiter plates for small-scale E. coli fed-batch cultivations

  Standard fed-batch MTP Fed-batch MTP developed in this study
Matrix components
 Molecular weight of the prepolymer 20,000 g/mol 10,000 g/mol
 Addition of hydrophilic co-polymer No Yes
Release characteristics
 Absolut glucose release 17.3 mg in 72 h 65 mg in 72 h
 Maximum OTR during fed-batch phase of E. coli cultivations 5 mmol/L/h 28 mmol/L/h
 Media components influencing the glucose release characteristics Clear influence of pH, osmotic concentration, ammonium content Almost no influence of media properties
 Initial glucose burst Almost not detectable Significant