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Table 1 Overview of the Bacillus BioBrick Box including a summary of the features

From: The Bacillus BioBrick Box: generation and evaluation of essential genetic building blocks for standardized work with Bacillus subtilis

BioBrick Description and commentsa Reference of source BGSC # Registry #
pBS1C Empty vector, integration at amyE, ampr, cmr pDG1662-derivative [23] ECE257 BBa_K823023
pBS2E Empty vector, integration at lacA, ampr, mlsr pAX01-derivative [24] ECE258 BBa_K823027
pBS4S Empty vector, integration at thrC, ampr, specr pDG1731-derivative [23] ECE259 BBa_K823022
pBS1ClacZ lacZ-reporter vector, integration at amyE, ampr, cmr pAC6-derivative [25] ECE260 BBa_K823021
pBS3Clux lux-reporter vector, integration at sacA, ampr, cmr pAH328-derivative [26] ECE261 BBa_K823025
P veg Very strong constitutive promoter [27] ECE262 BBa_K823003
P liaG Constitutive promoter [28] ECE263 BBa_K823000
P lepA Strong constitutive promoter [29] ECE264 BBa_K823002
J23101 Very weak constitutive promoter BBa_J23101 ECE266 BBa_K823005
P liaI Bacitracin-inducible promoter [30, 31] ECE267 BBa_K823001
P xylA Xylose-inducible promoter [32] ECE268 BBa_K823015
His10 10xHis-tag [33] ECE269 BBa_K823037
FLAG FLAG-tag [34] ECE270 BBa_K823034
StrepII Streptactin-tag [35, 36] ECE271 BBa_K823038
HA HA-tag [34, 37] ECE272 BBa_K823035
cMyc cMyc-tag [34, 38] ECE273 BBa_K823036
  1. aampr, ampicillin resistance; cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; kanr, kanamycin resistance; spcr, spectinomycin resistance; mlsr, erythromycin-induced resistance to m acrolide, l incosamide and s treptogramin B-antibiotics (MLS).