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Table 1 Progress in the field of regenerative medicine

From: Tissue engineering strategies for the induction of angiogenesis using biomaterials

Finding/Experiment Ref.
First cell transplantation: Bone marrow transplant (1968) [116]
Discovery of stem cells in human cord blood (1978) [117]
First engineered tissue transplantation: skin (1981) [118]
First in vitro stem cell line developed from mice (1981) [119]
First engineered vessel structure was synthesized (1986) [120]
Adult stem cells were used for vascular regeneration by Asahara (1997) [121]
Isolation of human embryonic stem cells (1998) [122]
First laboratory-grown organ: an artificial bladder implanted in a patient suffering from myelomeningocele (1999) [123]
Implantation of first engineered tubular organs (urine conduits) (2004) [124]
Discovery of stem cells derived from amniotic fluid and placenta (2007) [125]
First solid organ engineered by recycling donor liver (2009) [123]
3D-printed vascular networks direct therapeutic angiogenesis in ischemic condition (2017) [126]