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Table 5 The existence of various miRNAs with pro- and anti-angiogenesis capacity

From: Tissue engineering strategies for the induction of angiogenesis using biomaterials

miRNA Function Ref
miRNA-17-92 Promotes angiogenesis by modulation of connective tissue growth factor, thrombospondin-1, and integrin α5 [159]
miRNA-92a Has a dual pro- and anti-angiogenic role [160]
miRNA-21 Increases VEGF level and promotes angiogenesis through a STAT3-dependent mechanism [161]
miRNA-494 Suppresses PTEN and activates Akt/eNOS pathway [162]
miR-135b in exosomes from hypoxic multiple myeloma cells Reduces the expression of FIH-1 and increased activity of HIF-1α [163]
miR-125a Promotes angiogenesis by inhibiting DLL-4 [92]