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Table 1 Determination of ALP spiked into non-diluted human blood a

From: Label-free and washing-free alkaline phosphatase assay using a personal glucose meter

ALP in human blood (U/L) Added ALP (U/L) Measured ALP (U/L)b SDc CV (%)d Recovery (%) e
66 30 101.94 8.85 8.68 106.19
50 113.74 5.11 4.49 98.05
100 168.82 9.01 5.34 101.70
  1. aTo determine the concentration of ALP in human blood, a calibration curve was first created by using standards having known concentrations of ALP in human blood (Fig. 5). Based on this calibration curve, the PGM signals from unknown samples were used to determine the concentrations of ALP in human blood. bMean of three measurements. c Standard deviation of three measurements. dCoefficient of variation = SD/mean × 100. eMeasured value/added value × 100